The fusion of art and technology of modern music productions, make this field at the same time fascinating and technically challenging.

The vastness of knowledge and skills required, ranging from composition to premastering, through arrangement, orchestration, performance, recording and mixing, just to name a few, can easily discourage a potential musician / producer.

Collaboration is the key, and is one of the cardinal principles upon which this company is founded. Very often in a project many different people are involved, different people with different skills, which gave their contribution making the the final result a better production.

"We work better if we work together"

So if you believe to have a good product that deserves a professional production, just submit your projects here for evaluation. We are able to support your production working hard to make it as good as possible, choosing the right way to develop it, involving often different studios.

The Stages

Here is a list of stages we are used to work on when producing a music content:

  • Analysis of the objectives
  • Conceiving of the theme and sound effects
  • Selection of production techniques and required equipment
  • Realization of the timbre models
  • Composition of the musical tracks
  • Arranging and, in case, syncing composed music
  • Recording the acoustic instrumentation in appropriate locations
  • Fusion of acoustic and synthetic components
  • Realization of synthetic models, recording and processing sound effects
  • Finishing of tracks and addition of sound effects
  • Mixing of individual tracks
  • Mastering the entire production

Sometimes the entire production is reduced to writing, arranging, mixing and mastering and it will be carried out by a single individual. Sometimes the production requires that all stages have to be carried out, involving many different studios and individuals, especially during the recording of acoustics instruments, such as when we are recording a full orchestra, or during the mastering stage, which is always done by a specialized Mastering Studio with wohm we have confindence and experince.

Production of Musicians or Music Bands

Very often the artistic vision of an individual musician, or a music band, need to be complemented with the knowledge and guide of a more experienced producer, who can take the right music ideas an transform them in a finished music master, giving it the sonic properties needed to compete in the today world music market.

We take music very seriously, and we plan ahead all the production stages in accordance with the musicians, bringing them through analysis of composition, arrangement, orchestration, recording, mixing and mastering. We take care of finishing the production within time and expectation of the clients, in accordance with the artistic vision and requirements gived by the executive producer, giving them also examples of progresses for approval during any step. 

The stage of recording very often is performed in selected recording spaces, in accordance with the sonic requirementes of the production.

The stage of mixing, some overdubbing, and the music addictions are almost always performed by Daniele Nosella, in his private studio.

The Mastering Studio and Mastering Engineer is selected in accordance with the budget and the kind of music produced.

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