When you need a soundtrack for a Movie, a TV series, or a short advertising video we can provide original music content developed on your needs.

The productions may vary from the realization of an original song suited to a particular scene or situation, up to the composition, arrangement, and recording of a full orchestra. It only depends on your needs.

The stages

  • Analyze,  if available, the storyboard or movieboard
  • Realizing the different themes in collaboration with the director
  • Presenting the themes to the director for approval and suggestions
  • Composing and synchronizing music for the different scenes
  • Presenting a polished demo to the director for approval and suggestions
  • Finding the right orchestration or timbre models for the different cues
  • Finding the right musicians to perform the composed tracks
  • Recording them in an appropriate environment and way
  • Syncing and Mixing all the different tracks through the movie

We create MIDI mockups for review by the filmmaker prior to the final orchestral recording. So if you're not happy with the results, just tell us what is wrong, or your perspective, and we modify it until you will be completely satisfied.

The synchronization of the music for a short video

When a music content is required for a short video, particular emphasis is dedicated to the timing of sound effects and music content synchronization, so to create a spectacular dramatic response in the viewer. Here, in a short period of time, many different music themes may follow one another perfectly timed with the video content. In addiction, original sound effects are often realized for, and inserted in the right place to enhance and suggest the action or the meaning of a scene.

Music for Video Games and App

We create original music content for viedogames and smartphone applications, from the conceiving of the music that carry the right mood for the scene or atmosphere, to the syncronization of the musical content with the game experience.

Daniele Nosella Music Productions Team has a background in the Information Technology Business, and a Strong Musical Preparation, to meet the needs of the music of your game.
  • Realization of music content in any format and style
  • Creation of evocative and imaginative soundscapes
  • Development music content based on mood or scene required to go with
  • Audio edited to your specifications
  • Sound desing talored to suit your application
  • Audio optimised for playback on tablets or mobile phones speakers

Final product made ​​according to the needs

  • From MIDI production to full studio and orchestral recordings
  • From a song to a 2 hours, or more, soundtrack
  • Realization of music content in any format and style
  • Mono, Stereo, LCR, Quad, 5.0 or 5.1 format available
  • Music content delivered on stems or mixdown
  • Audio delivered in any format and standard
  • Final audio mastering applied on demand relying on mastering studios with whom we have confidence and experience  

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